Action Sales Limited Warranty Procedures

If you experience a problem with your trailer, please follow the following procedures:

1)     Have your Invoice Number and Name on Invoice ready.  Have your VIN number ready.  If it is an axle or brake related issue, please have serial Number of axle ready (white sticker on top of axle).
2)     Call Action and report the problem to the service department.  Action will report the problem to the Manufacturer and determine if the issue is a “Warranty Issue”.  This can be clarified by reading your Warranty information that came with your trailer.
3)     If the issue is warranty related, you will be required to bring the trailer to our shop for repair.
4)     Warranty work can be completed by qualified technicians.  To complete work at another location the following must be done

  • a) Complete steps 1 and 2 above
  • b) Take photos of the problem (if applicable)
  • c) Have the qualified technician call our service department with their estimate (note: we authorize $65/hour maximum service rate)
  • d) At this point warranty authorization to complete work will be given


Action Trailers will not be responsible for transportation costs, fuel or mileage, or loss of time costs due to warranty issues.  It is the customer’s responsibility to either return the trailer for warranty repair to our dealership or an approved repair facility.

Self Adjusting Brakes FYI:
“The trailer needs to be driven for 300 km before the brakes are going to work properly.  The brake shoe needs to burnish and seat to the hub.  As the brake shoe starts to seat, the brake controller gain might need to be adjusted down.  the brakes are initially set with very little stopping power.  As you drive the brakes will start to automatically adjust to the correct amount.  As the brake shoe starts to wear over time, the brakes will automatically adjust again.  Periodically the trailer should be lifted, and tires spun to check all brakes are working properly and possibly adjust brakes if required.”