Counteract Tire Balancing 6oz

$21.95 All Prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

  • ENHANCED VEHICLE PERFORMANCE – Counteract glass balancing beads for trucks, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles provide an automatic, readjusting, trouble-free, lifetime balance of the entire wheel assembly
  • EASY TO USE APPLICATION – The bag-in-bag balance bead application makes it easy to install. Place small bead bags side your tire when mounting new tires on to the wheels
  • INCREASED TIRE LIFE – Counteract tire balancing beads reduce rolling resistance with centrifugal force, reducing and providing a more even wear across your tires *Counteract does not void any tire or wheel warranties
  • IMPROVE FUEL ECONOMY – Balancing beads help reduce resonating suspension synchronizing by balancing the wheel assembly with centrifugal force, decreasing fuel consumption over speeds of 55 mph, and increasing fuel savings
  • ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Made of reusable, recyclable 99.9% tempered glass bead spheres that are installed side the tire and wheel assembly, preventing any accidental contamination to the environment or damage to the side of your wheels

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