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7×27 Sub-Zero Aluminum Deluxe Snowmobile Trailer – loaded with tons of features like 76″ interior height + front AND back loading ramps!!


Top 10 Bold Standard Features To Compare With (Neo, Legend, Reinhart, and other local manufacturers)
16″ On center walls, ceiling and floor – The finest trailers on the market all start with a well-built foundation
Fully finished interior which includes…white walls & ceiling with black aluminum cove finish, 3/4″ high-performance floor, helmet cabinet with gas shocks on door and no center divider – Get it all with none of the extra costs
SuperMax blackout package – A great addition to any trailers curb appeal & value
Rear Spoiler with loading lights – Not only adds great flare to your trailer, but also provides a bright lit up loading area you can feel confident in while loading your precious cargo
(9) Recessed 2500 lb D-rings bolted with aluminum plates – This equates to over double the standard amount other competitors will offer before charging you extra for additional D-rings
Two tone exterior with 12″ wide silver stripe – Why settle for the standard 6″ divider when you can be BOLD and accent your trailer with not only two colours but finish it right with a 12″ silver stripe.
Fuel up your toys with not just (1) fuel door, but lets go a step further and provide (2) convenient lockable fuel doors to easily fuel up on the fly
Loading your toys at night can be challenging for even the most experienced – We felt a bigger rear door demands a second loading light giving you (3) in total plus interior 12 volt wall switches
A tapered V-nose design is a must have when comparing trailers, as this design gives you feature benefits like controlled fuel costs, better towing characteristics, sleek appearance all with out the cost of loosing precious interior space

SuperMax Blackout Package:
(Blacked out Stoneguard), (Blacked out Tim), (Blacked out fenders), (Blacked out Exterior hardware), (Tube XMs 16″ on centers), (White vinyl ceiling), (Aluminum ceiling cove)
Rear Spoiler Upgrade: (8″ Overhang at top), (Three 12 volt surface lights with one 12 volt switch)
4 Ft Radius Corner – 2 Helmet Cabinet: (Black Trim), (Black latches), (Black valet rod)

GVWR – 7,000 lbs
Empty Weight – 2,845 lbs
Payload – 4,155 lbs

More Features To Note:
-Tube Main Frame Construction – Tubular frame structure is one of the most efficient systems in tall buildings under lateral load, makes sense to build your trailers foundation with these same concepts.
-Spring Axles – Spring axles provide the most dependable tire wear, especially on multi-axle trailers.  Spring axles don’t require re-welding to replace an entire axle.
-15” Radial Tires – Radial tires provide a softer ride because of the layout of the tire”s plies and because of the flex of the sidewalls.  Why go with a bias ply that have high friction with the road  which means tread wears faster fuel mileage goes up
-Aluminum Wheels w/Center Caps – Probably the most surprising benefit of aluminum wheels is that because they are actually an alloy metal, they are stronger than traditional steel wheels. Not to mention they won’t rust
-2500# Drop Leg “Bolt On” Ram Jack easy wind capabilities makes hooking and unhooking this trailer a breeze
-36” Side Door with RV flush mount style lock giving you a top latch lock along with a bottom dead bolt lock.  The security of your cargo is always a top priority.
-LED Clearance & Tail Lights last far longer than your typical bulb style light as led lights draw low to nil when it comes to amps + they shine brighter.
-EZ-Lube Hubs – Grease flows to both outer and inner bearings for a complete repack with no mess.
-2-5/16” Demco EZ Latch Coupler – EZ-Latch ensures fast, easy, secure hookup and disconnect.  No need to undo the latch – Simply drop it on the hitch ball and the coupler latches automatically.
-1 Piece Aluminum Roof – Avoid the complications a roof with leaky seams will bring to the table.
-(2) 11” LED Dome Lights w/Switch – Turns your interior space into a safe visible working area
-(2) Sidewall Vents – Side wall vents are key to cross-venting any fumes or stagnant air that is present inside your trailer

Overall Length – 29″ 6″
Width – 8″ 6″
Height – 101″ (ground level to top of trailer)
Interior length – 26″ 6″
Interior Width – 77″
Interior Height – 76″
Platform Height – 20″
Rear Opening Height – 72″
Rear Opening Width – 76″
Front Opening Height – 68″
Front Opening Width – 61″
Hitch Ball Height – 16″
Hitch Ball Size – 2-5/16″
Hitch Weight – 322 lbs
Brakes – Electric (4 wheel)

That’s why we don’t build our trailers with cheap materials or substandard craftsmanship. Instead, we rely on quality components and a local team to produce enclosed trailers with the type of longevity and performance our haulers demand. When it comes to Action Trailers Sub-Zero snowmobile trailers, we leave nothing behind. Which means, neither will you.