2019 5 x 10 Steel Single Axle Landscape Utility – Serial # 1733


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– Rear ramp gate standard that folds inside the trailer to lay flat to have longer items over hang out out the back. ( most gates only fold one way, not both )

– Triple tube tongue – compare this to A-Frame with my competition ( triple tube tongue is much stronger and less chances of future structural problems with a heavier frame )

HD tongue jack with 2” coupler

Powdercoated frame – First we sand blast the trailer to prep the metal then we powdercoat the frame and bake it in the oven to provide a durable finish.

– L.E.D lights – emit last power from truck, brighter at night and last longer – most other trailers just use cheap regular lights which burn out and are dim at night

– Pressure Treated 5/4” plank deck – A lot of trailers just have regular plywood which will rot in a matter of a few years

– HD Walk on diamond plated fender upgrade

– Spring loaded pins on rear ramp gate to make it easier to latch ramp

Spare tire mount carrier standard to carry a spare – look at other trailers and they do not have this upgrade.

Sealed in lights that are built into the frame so theirs no corrosion within the wires and lights

– 15” Powdercoated Wheels – Why have a cheap white steel wheel that will be rusted out within the first year ? That is why we use Silver powder coated wheels to last. We also use 15” rims which allows a smoother ride down the road, less bounce and less tread wear