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Enclosed Pro Star Snowcap (Available in 10' & 12' lengths)

Serial#  CAP

Quick Overview

Action Trailers new fully enclosed snow cap design is great for protecting your sleds from ice/snow, road debris, and anything else our Canadian winters decide to throw at them. Avoid the hassle in dealing with open trailers and canvas covers that tear up and get your machine slushy and dirty !


Please read the differences between our product quality and our competitors, so you can compare the information on our models. Everyone in sales is always going to tell you that they are selling you the best trailer in the market, but here at Action Trailers we try to educate you (the consumer) to understand the differences between the product quality and features that our models come standard with.

It's worth your time to read the differences so you can understand that not every trailer is built the same!

- Screw less smooth side panels (gives a cleaner look, no screws to rust or pop off + easy to put decals on the side) - competitors use corrugated sides which don't look as nice, have screws that can rust and pop off and there's no inter-changeable panels to replace if one were to scratch or dent the side of the trailer.

- Safety chains with quick connect pins on cap cover to secure the cap to the bottom frame when you close the lid (sounds simple and easy but everyone else uses cheap hitch pins which get lost and are also difficult to slip on in the dark or cold weather)

- Wiring is one of the biggest issues with every trailer in Ontario. We get so much salt and calcium chloride on the roads that eat away at the wiring and corrosion occurs. With our new model the wiring is enclosed in the frame of the trailer so no wires are exposed. Look at some of our competitors models and you will see some exposed wires at the rear of the trailer for the clearance lights. We use an additional aluminum bar that is welded from front to back to not only give more structural strength but to encase the wires so they don't get corroded.

Our uprights are 1'' x 1'' as well compared to 3/4'' x 3/4'' ( little things like this make a difference in the structural integrity and durability)

The interior height is upgraded on both 10' and 12' models to allow for 58'' at the shortest point (this is great for putting in four-wheelers, motorcycles etc. ) Look at most of our competitors models and they're 54'' or less at the shortest point ( Triton, Rance, Blizzard )

(Our model becomes more universal with this feature for other trailering needs)

- 101'' Wide ( more room than Triton's model at only 98'' )

- Custom curved snow mobile tie down bars to make it easier for strapping down - rather than a straight bar

- Additional drip rail along cap - most of our competitors models don't come with this and thats why their caps leak

- 3 yr Warranty with everything ( axles, structure, wiring etc. ) some other companies only offer a year

- Stronger frame cap covers ( ours are 2'' x 1'') on the main structure compare to other models that only have 1 1/4'' x 1''

- Powder coated silver rims compared to cheap white rims that rust quicker.

- 10'' fat boy snow tire upgrade - compared to 8''

- Both units also come with a side vent std (Compare this to other models with no ventilation at all for gas fumes to escape.)

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  • 3500lb Torsion axle with easy lube hubs for greasing
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Stone guard across front of trailer
  • Ski tie down bars with two settings to adjust where the sled gets held down
  • Pressure treated deck
  • Fat boy snow tires 10''
  • Aluminum safety bar
  • Sealed in lights all around the frame
  • Barrier between axle and frame to prevent electrolysis
  • All aluminum construction
  • 5 bolt hub
  • Aluminum license plate bracket - compare this to cheap plastic
  • Tongue jack with swivel wheel - $59
  • Super glides with hardware - $109 per box of 20'
  • Spare tire - $129.00
  • Tilt prop assist- $69.00
Colors Available - White, Charcoal and Black