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Quality All aluminum landscape trailers


Quick Overview

  • Sizes available in single axle - 62'' x 6, 62'' x 8', 62'' x 10'. 62'' x 12', 62'' x 14' and all these sizes available in 74'' & 80'' wide as well.

  • Sizes available in tandem axle - 74'' x 12', 74'' x 14' , 74'' x 16' , 82'' x 12' , 82'' x 14' , 82'' x 16'


Action trailers advantage features:
  • - 3500lb axle upgrade on this unit - payload capacity of 2500lbs. Most trailers this size have lighter duty axles and offer only a 1500lb payload. Our heavier axle gives you the peace of mind that it will not brake or bend when loaded.v
  • - Sealed wiring into tubular frame - Our sealed wiring is a great feature for our Canadian climate to not only prevent corroded wiring but also prevents any loose wires under the frame that can get caught up on road debris, since our wiring is concealed in the frame and not exposed like other trailers.
  • - 15'' Radial tire upgrade for less bounce and wear - other trailers use 14'' or 13'' wheels and cheaper Bias ply tires that don't last as long
  • - Easy lube hub upgrade for quick maintenance
  • - Drop axle upgrade, which lowers the deck height so you have less chances of your machine/equipment bottoming out. Also the drop axle tows better with a lower center of gravity
  • - Powdercoated silver wheel upgrade to help prevent rust wheels - lots of trailers you will see will have white rims, which rust faster.
  • - Tubular tongue upgrade for a stronger structure - not c channel like other companies use
  • - Tube uprights and top rail - compare against angle iron which is not nearly as strong.
  • - LED light upgrade for brighter more efficient lighting - all sealed into the frame with no wiring exposed.
  • - Rear ramp aluminum gate upgrade that folds into the bed of the trailer to allow the longer material to overhang off the back end.
  • - Pressure treated deck
  • - Spring loaded rear ramp gate pins - lots of companies use regular pins that you set down and loose, where ours our built onto the trailer to prevent that from happening.
  • - Zinc coated hard wear on axles - to prevent rusted u-bolts and shackles - look at other companies who just use painted hardware that rusts.
  • - Zinc coated coupler upgrade - not your black painted coupler that rusts as some companies use on their aluminum trailers.

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Popular Upgrades
  • Solid aluminum sides - 14'' high
  • Top tie down rail
  • Side loading ATV ramps
  • Bi-fold ramp gate
  • Side ramp gate
  • Electric brake on single axle
  • Aluminum wheel upgrade
  • Aluminum diamond plated tool box