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Gooseneck/Fifth wheel Dump trailers 5,6,7 tonne


Quick Overview

Our HD Gooseneck/Fifth wheel hydraulic dump trailers are built to take the abuse of your every day work schduale, from dumping sand or A gravel, to replacing dump bins for shingles & demolition material or hauling your heavy equipment.

Action trailers dump trailers are built to save you time and money.


- Dual pistons with hydraulic powder up and down - not just up like most companies ( Lots of other companies only have a single piston which is not nearly as strong and durable as the duals. Not only that fact, but dual pistons will be able to lift more weight and keep the trailer more stable when loading heavier loads.

- Steel tool box - not plastic - LED light upgrade - brighter and more efficient - Radial tire upgrade from std bias ply

- Powder coated paint job - beats regular primed and painted - Powder-coating will last longer

- Powder coated rims 16'' - all other companies only offer white wheels which rust out in the matter of a year

- Flush lock tool box upgrade at no charge

- Sealed in lights at the top of the box so they do not bust - compare this to lights that sit below the bed that will constantly have to be replaced.

- Never adjust brakes upgrade ( self adjusting to last longer )

- HD diamond plated fenders - walk on fenders

- 20' Hand remote

- tarp kit with steel cover casing to protect tarp kit from weathering and debris

- Deep cycle marine battery with trickle charge built in


Our Feature:  Your Benefit: Competitors Spec: What you will save:
 LED lights Brighter and more efficient lights that are built for longevity and no maintenance Incandescent lights are std, LED's are always an upgraded cost  $90
Radial tires Radial tires are a better compound which will ride smoother down the road Bias Ply tires are standard price point tires that are used to keep $160
  and last longer which inturn will save you money in the long run.  the cost down to compete with pricing. Radials are an upgrade   
Adjustable coupler upgrade  Makes it interchangeable with pintle hook up and easy to remove Welded on coupler is the cheapest way to building a  $110
   for security  at night. Also avoids carring multiple draw bars to sit level on  trailer and cannot be switched to a different hookups. It also   
  your vehicle. All you have to do is adjust it on your trailer to sit level. requires you to have multiple draw bars to sit level with your truck  
Never adjust brake upgrade  Self adjusting brakes are designed to last longer by automatically adjusting  Regular back plates that do not auto adjust, which causes  $185
  the pads (like a car) so you don’t have to. This will save you money your brakes to wear down faster, costing you more money down   
  and time in the long run. the road in replacing brakes.   
Adjustable tongue jack Allows you to pull a pin to make it faster and easier to hook & unhook, this  Regular top wind jacks take a lot longer to hookup due to not  $89
  jack also comes with a grease point to lubricate to make it last longer.  having a quick release pin and there's no grease point std.  
Powdercoated silver rims Last longer than your standard white steel rim and looks sharper than White steel rims are the standard spec that cost less but will $90
  having an basic white rusted wheel  unfortunitely rust in a short period of time   
Powdercoated Paint  Powdercoating paint is the process we use to paint our trailers. The trailer Standard epoxy paints are used to keep costs down. Most  $380
  is first sandblasted to clean the metal, then the powder is sprayed on and  companies do not have the benfit of having a powercoating facilty   
  then baked in an oven to insure the best finish. It last longer the regular  (large oven) near by to finish their products. Regular paint will  
  painted trailers and has an overall nicer finish.  not last as long in our cliamate.  
Dual Hydraulic Pistons  Keeps the trailer more stable when dumping and allows the trailer to  Single hydraulic piston is common with most companies. With $390
  lift more weight. All of our trailers come with power hydraulics up and down uneven loads this can make it a lot harder to dump as well you   
    have to pay close attention so you don't overload the trailer.  
Larger tool box w/ partition wall A larger tool box allows you to put more tools inside the box and our partition  Standard boxes are usually plastic that do not have built in locks $130
  wall eliminates tools from sliding around and wrecking the wires & pump and built just big enough to fit the pump and battery, that’s it.  
  Our larger tool box also comes with a built in flush lock to keep it secure.    
Tarp Kit with steel casing Our steel casing protects the tarp from debris & the weather. Which will allow  Most tarps are just bolted on the trailer with no shield protecting  $299
  you to get more life expectancy out of the tarp. Our trailers also come with  the tarp. Tarps can be very costly which is why its important to protect   
  brackets for the tarp to hook on and lock into to make it easier for loading them. No brackets come std either to tie down the back from flapping  
Decka Marine Batteries  Deep cycle marine battery that is charges while your hooked up to your vehicle Basic China made batteries that have a minimal reserve and  $55
  Offers longer life expectancy and longer reserve with Decka Marine battery offer only 1 yr warranty  
  upgrades apply on must models    TOTAL SAVINGS  $1978

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Spare tire

4' Steel side extensions

Hot dipped Galvanized frame

Plastic floor liner