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Serial#  7 ton N&N

Quick Overview

Hands down the BEST DUMP TRAILER in the market today !

This galvanized dump series will be your best investment you can make in terms of reliability and durability. Our N&N 7 ton series comes with more standard features than any one of our competitors dump trailer models, and being fully galvanized it will help eliminate from rusting out like most trailers you see in the market !

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Our N&N 7 ton trailers come with these standard upgrades:

  • Rear pull out ramps with stabilizer jacks legs
  • HD rub rail down both sides of trailer
  • LED lights all around - much brighter and more efficient
  • Higher rear barn gates to match side height
  • Raised rear barn doors
  • Aluminum casing for tarp kit
  • Built in 110 volt battery charger included
  • Cold weather wire harness
  • All aluminum tool boxes - looks sharp and will never rust
  • Galvanized axle upgrade - NEW in the industry
  • Slipper spring suspension - smoother ride
  • Telescopic three stage hoist upgrade - Uses less battery than power up & down and it comes with a higher dump angle.
  • Adjustable coupler upgrade - changes from ball to pintle and adjusts to the height of your vehicle
  • Tarp kit is included with the trailer purchase - not an extra charge like some other companies
  • Galvanized wheel upgrade - no more rusted white rims
  • Grease nipples on rear barn gates - prevents seizing
  • Additional gussets to put a 2'' x 12'' board to raise the side height
  • Two way rear gate - spreader gate + barn gates with hold backs
  • Radial tire upgrade - not your standard bias ply
  • All wheel electric brakes std - not just one axle
  • Easy lube hubs for greasing
  • Deep cycle marine battery included with the trailer charges when your hooked up to your vehicle ) - not an extra charge
  • Flush locks on all tool boxes to prevent theft
  • Built in keyed lock out system to prevent theft & safety hazards ( hydraulics lock out to prevent trailer hydraulics going up or down )

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Here's what our N&N trailers come with standard that other galvanized dump trailers do not have:

  • (1) - Built in keyed lock out system to prevent theft & safety hazards ( hydraulics lock out to prevent trailer hydraulics going up or down )
  • (2) - Spare tire mount bracket included with trailer - not an extra up-charge
  • (3) - All aluminum tool boxes with built in flush lock - looks sharp and will never rust + it is lockable - not cheap plastic like other companies
  • (4) - Aluminum Tarp casing built on to the trailer - you don't want to keep the tarp exposed to the elements of the weather and debris. -( note other companies this is an additional cost )
  • (5) - 4 d-rings included for tying down equipment ( no additional charge )
  • (6) - Our wiring's are driven trough an angle iron welded on the main frame compare to other trailers that are exposed to elements as they only go in hooks.
  • (7) - Two way rear gate - spreader gate + barn gates with hold backs - upgraded from your standard barn doors - other companies will charge you extra for this.
  • (8) - Teflon Pucks on corners to avoid being steel on steel ( other trailers do not have this )
  • (9) - A frame made of rectangular tubing compare to C-channel ( stronger and less chances of welds cracking )
  • (10) - Our tarp is made of the same material as the big dump trucks more rigid than the black one's you see on other trailers which is softer material.
  • (11) - Built in 110 volt battery charger included, that way you have always have a battery charger on the trailer to keep it charged up
  • (12) - Cold weather wire harness, to eliminate having to replace your 7 pin wire harness every couple of years
  • Spare galvanized tire
  • Mesh side upgrade
  • Spring loaded tarp upgrade
  • Gooseneck/Fifth wheel hitch
  • Triple axle upgrade - 21,000;b GVWR