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Hydraulic Dumps

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  1. 5 ton Low profile Hydraulic dump

    Our 5 ton Hydraulic dump trailer series is great for medium to heavy duty use. This trailer is also capable of hauling medium sized bobcats and skid steers with our skid steer pkg that is available. Our tonne models are available in 6 x 10, 6 x 12 and 6 x 14' bed size. This model is available in telescopic piston or dual hydraulic cylinders for the hoist mechanism - Compare specs and you will see we offer the best bang for your buck. Learn More
  2. 6 & 7 ton Low profile Hydraulic Dump (83'' wide)

    Our 6 & 7 ton series comes with more standard features than any our competition and is built for all kinds of uses. It comes standard with our ramp & skid steer pkg for hauling heavy equipment and being 83'' wide ( the largest in the industry ) its capable of hauling more than enough cargo & material. Our 83'' wide series comes in 12,14 & 16' bed lengths
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  3. Gas Powered 83'' wide series

    Our NEW Gas powered hydraulic dump series eliminates having to deal with a battery in substitue for our Honda Gas powered engine. This model allows you to dump faster and push more weight than any battery powdered dump trailer.

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  4. 3.5 ton Low profile Hydraulic dump

    Our 3.5 tonne dump series is great for medium duty usage and can be pulled by most vehicles. This model comes in 60'' & 72'' wide, which allows you to get through tighter area's with its compact design. This trailer comes in 10' & 12' lengths and are available with ramp & skid steer pkg. Learn More
  5. Single Axle Dump Series

    Our single axle dump series is great for fitting into small areas and heavy enough to handle a load of 4000lbs We have this series in three sizes, 5 x 8 deck over, 5 x 8 low profile and a 5' x 10' low profile
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  6. Gooseneck/Fifth wheel Dump trailers 5,6,7 tonne

    Our HD Gooseneck/Fifth wheel hydraulic dump trailers are built to take the abuse of your every day work schduale, from dumping sand or A gravel, to replacing dump bins for shingles & demolition material or hauling your heavy equipment.

    Action trailers dump trailers are built to save you time and money.

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    Tired of lifting or pulling heavy ramps that bolt on the side/underneath the dump trailer ? With our spring assisted ramp/barn door combo gate this eliminates you having to slug around 100lb ramps every time you want to load equipment in/out of your trailer. This new gate system not only has springs to relieve the weight of the gate, but dual gas powered shocks on each door as well. This design is by far the easiest combo gate system in the industry. Learn More

    Hands down the BEST DUMP TRAILER in the market today ! This galvanized dump series will be your best investment you can make in terms of reliability and durability. Our N&N 7 ton series comes with more standard features than any one of our competitors dump trailer models, and being fully galvanized it will help eliminate from rusting out like most trailers you see in the market ! Take a few minutes and watch the tutorial to understand why you should purchase this ULTIMATE DUMP TRAILER Learn More

8 Item(s)

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