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Atlas Cargo Series (single & tandem axles)

Serial#  CSA

Quick Overview

Atlas trailers provides a quality built construction grade enclosed cargo trailer that is built for longevity. We offer widths from 4',5',6',7',8' & 8.5' wide and lengths from 6' thru 40' are available. We also offer a wide variety of options to suit your hauling needs & requirements.

Atlas Specialty trailers offers customized options and designs that are unique to most trailer manufacturers.  Every Atlas trailer comes with a 3 year structural warranty and 5 yr on the Advantech floor.

When it comes down to the detail and the fit & finish we strongly recommend you taking a look into the Atlas product line, you will be surprised how much they offer standard for such a competitive low price.


  • Steel Tube Main Rails
  • 16'' OC Roof, Walls and floor (( strongest construction in the industry))
  • LED interior lights (4 standard)
  • RV flush lock door upgrade with dead bolt
  • Additional gussets at rear barn doors
  • Front Vertical Brace
  • Aluminum Fenders
  • 15'' Powdercoated silver wheels
  • Undercoated Chassis
  • Dust Barrier/Sealed Walls
  • Seamless Aluminum Roofing
  • .030 Wrapped Rear End
  • Double Rear Doors
  • LED lights all around
  • 3/4 Treated Floor (Advantech)
  • Dexter Quality Axles w/Easy Lube Hubs
  • 3/8 Birch Plywood Wall upgrade
  • Clear LED light lenses
  • 24'' Stoneguard
  • 3 YR Structural Warranty + 5 YR on Advantech floor


These are the features that most of our competition do not have!

CLEAR L.E.D Light Upgrade - Long narrow clear LED strips - These lights are brighter at night, have a longer life span and they also look sharp on the trailer. Alot of our competition only offers regular incandescent lights or only upgrades to L.E.D tail lights, not all the lights which include over 10 (additional clearance lights) all around the trailer with clear light lenses. The complete LED light pkg retails for over $200 and our trailers have this option for nothing.

3/8'' Birch plywood Walls with 16'' OC beams - Great for hanging hooks and shelves, but also provides a stronger structure - most trailers you see out there are only 24'' OC NOT 16'' and come with 3/16'' luan wood walls. Luan is basically a paper thin wall that the cheaper manufacturers put on there trailers to make there trailer more affordable. But the problem is with 24'' oc walls and the luan wood the structure becomes very weak and will twist and potentially have severe structural problems down the road.  Never buy a trailer with 24'' OC walls and Luan walls.

3/4" Advantech Floor - Moisture resistant, does not swell up or warp like plywood. This floor is an engineered wood that has a warranty for 5 years by the manufacturer, compare this to plywood like all the other companies out there (Plywood swells up and warps when exposed to water or moisture and comes out in strands when something is dragged over top of it.) Keep this in mind when choosing your trailer.

Undercoated Wheel Wells + Frame - (We undercoat the wheel wells + install a 4' high vapor barrier that wraps all around the trailer to prevent electrolysis between the steel and aluminum) Undercoating only last for a few years, before it wears off, which is why we put a second protection method. Our 4' high vapour barrier helps prevent steel and aluminum from ever meeting each other, so there's less of a chance of a reaction between the two dissimilar metals that will rot your trailer over time.

One piece aluminum roof with a .80 gauge aluminum roof cove. Note that most of all our competitors use .30 or .40 roof gauge which is half the strength of ours. Not only that some of the companies out there still have seams in there roofs and are not one piece.

All of our Atlas trailers that come with side doors now have the upgraded RV flush lock feature. This upgraded RV style door allows you to have access in and out of your trailer, unlike the standard bar lock which does not allow access from the inside to get out. The upgraded door latch also provides better security than your standard bar lock by offering two built in locks with keys ( deadbolt & handle lock ) Compare this upgrade with other trailers and you will see this is not standard feature.

Even the little things such as using empi-guarded powdered screws so the screw heads match the trailers exterior color and are not rusting in less than year like most of our competitions.

We also undercoat the wheel wells so salt doesn't wreck the trailers exterior finish. Even the nitty gritty details we do such as caulking off the bottom trim so salt does not get in behind the trim and create electrolysis. If you look at most trailers out there you will just see the bottom trim screwed on, which leaves gaps where salt can enter and has no where to go. ( It's the little things like this that no other dealer does because it's time consuming and more expensive. Compare around and look for these features, we did and that's why we build our trailers to out last our tough Canadian winters and our competition.

What it comes down to is how long do you want your trailer to last? A few years or a few decades - take this into consideration when choosing your trailer.

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  Cargo / Utility A*820TA2 Cargo / Utility A*714TA2 Cargo / Utility A*612SA Cargo / Utility A*58SA
Over-all Length 24' 18' 16' 12'
Over-all Width 8'5" 8'1" 7'8" 6'8"
Over-all Height 8'6" 7'11 3/4" 7'11 3/4" 6'8"
Platform Height 20" 19" 18" 18"
Interior Height 6'8" 6'1" 6'1" 5'1"
Interior Overall Length 20'5" 14'5" 12'4" 8'4"
Interior Width 7'8" 6'8" 5'8" 4'8"
Between Wheel Wells 6'10" 6'8" NA NA
Side Door Optional Optional Optional Optional
Side Door Width 32, 36, 48 32, 36 32, 36 24
Side Door Opening Height 5'11" 5'5" 5'3" 4'3"
Rear Door Double Double Double Double
Rear Door Opening Height 5'11 1/2" 5'5 1/2" 5'5 1/2" 4'5 1/2"
Rear Door Opening Width 7'1" 6' 4'11" 4'
Hitch Weight 300 lbs. 250 lbs. 165 lbs. 100 lbs.
Ball Size 2-5/16" 2-5/16" 2" 2"
G.A.W.R. 7,000 lbs. 7,000 lbs. 3,500 lbs. 3,500 lbs.
G.V.W.R. 7,000 lbs. 7,000 lbs. 2,990 lbs. 2,990 lbs.
Curb Weight 2,850 lbs. 2,250 lbs. 1,390 lbs. 1,010 lbs.
Payload Capacity 4,150 lbs. 4,750 lbs. 1,600 lbs. 1,980 lbs.
Brakes Electric Electric Optional Optional
Tires ST205/75R15 ST205/75R15 ST205/75R15 ST205/R15
Wheels 5 Bolt 5 Bolt 5 Bolt 5 Bolt
Frame 6" Tube 6" Tube 3" Tube 3" Tube
Floor 3/4" Advantech 3/4" Advantech 3/4" Advantech 3/4" Advantech
Floor Crossmember Loc. 24" O/C 24" O/C 24" O/C 24" O/C
Cargo / Utility 3/8" Plywood 3/8" Plywood 3/8" Plywood 3/8" Plywood
Wall Post Loc. 16" O/C 16" O/C 16" O/C 16" O/C

Model number of any particular unit does not necessarily reflect the overall length of the unit
All Illustrations and Specifications contained in this literature are based on the latest product information at time of publication

AA Package (all sizes)

48" Side door w/ barlock Non-powered roof vents (2 total)
12V Dome Lights (4 total) 5000 lb. floor D-rings (4 total)
Wall switches (2 total) ATP Stoneguard

AR Interior Package

White aluminum walls White aluminum ceiling
Black and white or marble floor or black rubber ATP on ramp door and flap

AA Interior Package

White vinyl walls White vinyl ceiling
Black and white or marble floor or black rubber ATP on ramp door and flap

110 Volt Package (all models and sizes)

(4) 4ft. Florescent lights (1) Wall switch (110v)
(3) Wall recepts 15 amp Motor base plug

Deluxe 110 Volt Package ( all models and sizes)

(4) 4ft. Florescent lights (3) Wall switch (110v)
(4) Wall recepts (2) 500v Quartz rear facing lights
30 amp Panel w/25ft lifeline plus cable hatch

Contractor Package

60" Triple Tube Tongue (1) Pr. Fold Down Stabilizer Jacks
36" Side Door w/Cambar (2) 12 Volt Deluxe Dome Lights
(2) Wall Switches (2) Non-Powered Roof Vents
ATP Stone Guard 3/4" Advantech or 3/8" Plywood Walls (Opt)
(3) Ladder Racks

Enhancement Package (all models)

36" C/S entrance door - smaller doors for trailers 10' or less (1) Wall switch
(2) 12v Dome lights (1) Non-powered roof vent
ATP Stoneguard (standard on cargo)

Landscape Package

16" O/C floor 60" Triple tube tongue
36" C/S door ATP Stoneguard (standard on cargo)
Ramp door Heavy duty piano hinge on RDSA flap
(2) 9" Round dome lights (2) 12v Switches (2-way)
(2) 2-way Side wall vents (2) Non-powered roof vents
Recessed wall mounts D-rings (half way up located every 4 ft.(Only on trailers w/plywood or advantech walls.)