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    If you need a heavy duty trailer that can haul your large equipment & material, our PJ Classic Dually is built strong enough for all applications. This model comes standard with (2) 10,000lb axles and can be upgraded from there to 12,000lb or 15,000lb axles. Available Lengths in Bumper pull or Gooseneck 20’ 22’ 24’ 25’ 26’ 28’ 30’ 32’ 34’ 35’ 36’ 38’ 40’ 42’ 44’ Learn More

    When your tired of dealing with rust and want a lighter weight trailer to haul around, then our premium series H&H deck over ALL ALUMINUM equipment trailer is the trailer you need to get. This model comes in various deck lengths and axle weights ( 3.5 ton, 5 ton and 7 ton ) ( Quality for price, we guarantee this to be your best bang for your buck ) Learn More

    Built for longevity, our all ALUMINUM H&H equipment trailer will be one of your last trailers you will ever need to buy. It is built with a heavier frame and comes loaded with upgrades, so that way it will take the abuse you put it threw and stand up to our tough Canadian Climate. Learn More

    The best investment you can make in terms of reliability and durability Our N&N Galvanized equipment trailers are our premium quality series that are more durable and will last longer being hot dipped galvanized ( frame, axles and rims ) which means overall LESS MAINTENANCE This series comes in 3.5 ton,5 ton, 6 ton & 7 ton capacities in multiple lengths and offering low profile 82'' wide to deck over 102'' wide decks We do even offer this series in a triple axle for those who need 21,000lb GVWR as well. Learn More

    Tiny home trailers have becoming more popular over the last 5 years and we have built dozens now for satisfied customers. These models are built very similar to our standard equipment haulers, but with extra features/ requirements to maximize the width for a tiny home to be built on. We do build these units in all sizes from 12' long to 30' long in 3.5, 5, 6, 7 & 8 ton axle capacities - so for what ever size home you want to build, we can offer you the proper trailer to haul it on. Learn More
  6. 5 ton Car/Equipment Hauler - All Aluminum Frame

    We have your ultimate heavy duty all aluminum trailer that will never rust ? This model comes in various lengths from 16' - 24' long, so if your wanting a trailer that is not going to rust and have minimal maintenance, then put this model on top of your priority list ! Learn More
  7. 5, 6, 7 ton Equipment Hauler

    Our heavy duty equipment trailers all come with a 6'' frame with a triple tube tongue upgrade. We build this series in lengths from 12- 30' long in powdercoated steel and offer the upgrade to go with hot dipped galvanized. Whether you need a bumper pull or gooseneck/fifth wheel we can accommodate your hauling needs. Learn More
  8. Quality Steel 7 ton Deck Over Equipment Hauler 102" WIDE

    Get the widest trailer in the industry by going with our deck over the wheel equipment haulers. Whether you need a 3.5 ton , 5 ton, 6 ton , 7 ton or 8 ton trailer we build this series in all lengths from 10' - 35' long Learn More
  9. 3.5 ton Car Hauler/ light duty equipment trailer

    You will love the great handling and towing characteristics of our new Car Haulers. No other Car Hauler is built like a Quality Steel Car Hauler. These extremely durable units are affordable and easy to tow. They are designed with multiple popular features to make your hauling experience enjoyable. Our quality construction will give your trailer years of long-lasting value. These models are not only designed for hauling vehicles, but as well small equipment. We do build this series from 14' - 24' long and 83'' wide ( which is the widest in the industry ) Learn More
  10. Quality Speedloader Electric Tiltbed ( deck over & low profile )

    Our Hydraulic tilt deck trailers come in low profile as well as deck over the wheels to accommodate larger loads. We offer this model in 7000lb GVWR, 12,000LB GVWR and 14,000LB GVWR The standard model comes in powdercoated steel and you have the option of going with hot dipped galvanized with all sizes. Learn More

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